A Maoist relic I found in a flea market in Hangzhou, China. It's a set of tinted postcards taken from a production of Communist opera.

The description:

The modern revolutionary Peking opera "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy", carefully revised, perfected and polished to the last detail with our great leader Chairman Mao's loving care, now glitters with surpassing splendour.

"Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy" is one of the outstanding model theatrical works. It describes an episode in the great Chinese People's War of Liberation, a battle in which a pursuit detachment of the Chinese People's Liberation Army wiped out a Kuomintang die-hard gang in northeast China. The opera creates the brilliant images of Yan Tzu-jung and other proletarian heroes by the method of combining revolutionary realism with revolutionary romanticism, and eulogizes Chairman Mao's great thought on people's war. The successful creation of the modern revolutionary Peking opera "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy" is a splendid victory for Chairman Mao's revolutionary line on literature and art.

Now, click the arrow and watch with revolutionary fervor as the glorious tale unfolds...